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Freelance writer & content strategist helping startups and tech companies tell their stories. I love books, puppies, and helping others.

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The Best Places to Find New Books to Read (Cuz I Said So)

The Best Places to Find New Books to Read (Cuz I Sa...


Writing - Emma Siemasko

My Portfolios Contently Hello Poetry Medium Grasshopper JUMP: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read The 16 Best Places to Find Freelancers Online Frog2Prince Frog2Prince  (Online Dating Consultancy) I’m …...


Work With Me - Emma Siemasko

I have a job I love. Sometimes I take on work, usually from people or companies that are inspiring. I write and edit: news articles blog posts landing pages general copy and  website content eBooks and …...


About - Emma Siemasko

Mostly this “About” tab exists to make my website symmetrical, but while you’re here, I’ll give you some info: I made this website so I have an online presence besides my erratic Twitter feed. I’m …...

Nanowrimo article

I'm Writing a Novel for National Novel Writing Month

Yep. I'm an idiot....

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Blog - Emma Siemasko

I love books. And now that 2014 is ending, every site ever is publishing stuff on the best books of the year. This is causing my brain to go into explosion mode, ......


The "Say Yes More" Approach: Relationships for Business

People need people, not gchats and text messages. Learn the "say yes more" approach to becoming a better professional (it's my weirdo approach)....

Meinfrance article

Me With Two French Kids Smoking a Cigarette Because That's Cool When You're a Teenager in France - Emma Siemasko

Tomorrow we depart for FRAHHHHNCE. Already wearing nautical stripes and prancing around like Brigitte Bardot and stuffing my face with Pate-smeared baguettes. Worried there are only navy and white clothing items in my suitcase HELP …...


The Guru - Emma Siemasko

Lauren and I were open to new experiences while traveling through India, so we decided to meet a spiritual guru. We had watched rats crawl through the streets, rifled through antique markets, and bought more …...


Even the skyscraper seemed too romantic. - Emma Siemasko

I like meeting men who possess a different sort of intelligence than I do. Logical and rational people who can take bikes and radios apart and then put them back together.  My online dating profile …...