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Freelance writer & content strategist helping startups and tech companies tell their stories. I love books, puppies, and helping others.

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Open uri20131118 24124 q78qit article
Crazy Egg

How to Write Like a Hipster (And Be Professional Too!)

Wondering how to write engaging content that actually gets read? The secret is to write like a hipster and still...

Open uri20131118 24124 m23pti article
Crazy Egg

What’s In A Name? How To Use Naming Conventions To Convert

Brand names should lead to trust, authority & conversion. These 5 naming conventions--with examples--will help you make the best name...

Open uri20131118 24124 1d5cdhz article
Crazy Egg

7 Company Blogs That Build Community (And More)

A close look at 7 company blogs that do it right, along with some practical tips for getting the same...

Open uri20131118 24124 1tuy00 article
Crazy Egg

How to Write Cool Copy for Unsexy Stuff

Here are some ways to kill it with cool copy, with lessons from some companies that are doing it right....

Open uri20140515 15527 uqosqj article
Crazy Egg

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Long-form Content That Converts

Research has shown that long-form content increases traffic and back-links to your website. So it`s worth the effort. Here`s your guide to getting it done....